Jens' Reign of Winter

Freija's Journal

More weirdness

Well, apparently some things happened.
Descending that infernal pit without performing the ritual was a bad idea. But how were we supposed to know?
If Baba Yaga foresaw the need to be rescued in a foreseeable future, the least she could have done was leave some clues as to how to do that.
Anyway, I came to in a centaur hut after they cured me of some kind of howling lunacy. And I’d aged considerably. SO I spent coin on getting rid of that curse.

The next leap of the hut took as to another world! In this world the good dragons have been eradicated, and there’s a war raging between good and evil. The forces of good enlisted our aid in exchange for assistance in our quest. Their fortress was under siege, and we helped them break the siege. I devised a plan to lure the three besieging armies into action. I thought that better then let them have the initiative.

During this battle I encountered a disturbing problem. I don’t know if it’s the place, but enemies seem to be disturbingly resilient versus my powers. I found myself frustratingly useless during this battle. I have learned virtually no combat spells. I can’t cast that many spells a day anyway and instead opt to learn situational utility spells. In combat I mostly rely on controlling a battlefield with my hexes. Well, these last battles none of that worked. If this keeps up I’ll have to resort to casting blessing of fervor at the start of a combat and then run and hide.

We managed to break the siege and are now headed towards the evil army’s main staging area. That’s where we think we can find another key to make the hut jump.



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