Jens' Reign of Winter

Freija's Journal

The White Dragon

We continued on to the white dragon’s lair. On our trek we met an Adleth shaman; a bipedal wolflike creature. She told us she was there because some vision had told her we would be there and help her recover an artefact her tribe needed.

I must say these creatures intrigue me and I intend to talk to them when we’re done here to see if one of them doesn’t want to join us.

She showed us a shortcut to the fortress. The way was still guarded however with all manner of monsters who’d made their lair in the crevice.

We found our guide’s tribemember, who was supposed to have the relic, frozen into a wall of ice, together with a bunch of other unlucky individuals. I didn’t trust this situation; it smelled of a trap. So I decided to take my time and dig myself a way through the ice. With my powers as winterwitch it’s a quite easy if lengthy process. And I was right. The was a roper hidden in this cavern and it went berserk trying to reach me. But the wall of ice was strong enough to keep it out.

We tackled the fortress proper in our usual manner: always try to go left in order to avoid getting lost.

We found a captive nereid who told us where we could find the dragon in exchange for us freeing her. That involves getting her shawl back and giving it back to her.

The way into its lair was guarded by all kinds of golems. So this was something of a nightmare with our group mostly consisting of spellcasters. At some points this involved using spells creatively and such; but we managed.

We beat the dragon. It was a nasty battle, but in the end we managed.

The nereid agreed to accompany us for the time being, and I managed to convince an adleth to do the same. Intriguing creatures.

And then we used the hut once more. I dreaded what we would find; and I wasn’t let down I’m sorry to say. This version of the hut is the worst of all so far. So many rooms, one even scarier than the next.

I’ve learned Elvana has been here recently and has convinced a son of Baba Yaga to side with her. Together they’re siphoning her power or something like that.



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