Jens' Reign of Winter

Freiya's Journal.
Unnatural weather.

It’s been a few weeks now since Elizabeth, Alia and I arrived in this town of Helgren.
We’re all set the move on, and I guess we event ried a few times, but something always seemt to come up.
I’m starting to believe Fate wants us to be here. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn what it is I need to do?

A village elder came looking for us and told us the mayor wanted a word.
Coming outside, I still couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s summer, and were far to the south. The last few weeks it’s been hot and humid. But now it was starting to resemble Irisen at the dead of winter!

The mayor had a twofold task for us.
1. find out what’s wronf with the weather
2. rescue a noble woman who’d been kidnapped in the woods
We three were not the only ones to be hired by the mayor. We were joined by a sorceress, and two very strange creatures, an undine druid (that’s an aquatic race, provoking all kinds of remarks about fsh), and a tengu ranger with a wolf of all things (insert various remarks about chicken and turkey here)

We talked to a surviving guard and deduced the kidnappers were a type of fey indigenous to the north; their touch freezes people.

We found the ambush site and followed tracks into the woods.

We had a few encounters with variouscold themed fey on our journey. This has to be connected to this strange weather, and I’m starting to wonder if someone somehow made a connection between this place and the home of these winter fey. The how or why of such a plan elude me at this point.

Our trek led us to a cabin in the woods, guarded by a great number of woodsmen. They turned on us and battle ensued. It took some serious fighting but we prevailed. On the top floor we found their boss, a human necromancer. This is where it all turned south on us. When the necromancer turned invisible only Elizabeth seemed to have the balls to enter his room. Alia wanted to, but as I had enlarged her I insisted she stay near the door blocking his exit. So, since none of the more martial oriented partymembers had any balls to do so, I entered the room intent on provoking a reaction from his part. This was a gamble since I was already bleeding from a previous hit. My ploy worked, and I lost consciousness there. But I came to some time later and found the necromancer on the floor in a heap.

In the basement we found a trapped fea creature. It didn’t want to say a lot, but we deduced this cecromancers was not the one calling all the shots. So we decided to press on after a night’s sleep.

Our next encounter was more sinister: a copy of one of the guardians of Irisen.; the walking huts. This hut didn’t move, but it had one of the animated dolls. That caused a load of trouble, and even controlled Alia. It became necessary to knock her out and fight the doll at the same time.


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