Parthenia Alkyone


Born during one of the most fierce storms, Parthenia’s tribe considered her a gift from the Water Lizard, Bokrug. For all she knows her mother was a human touched by the Great Old One, so this might as well be true. From a very young age she was prepared to take over the role of the tribal shaman, helping with the sacrifices and learning the ways of the Storm.

Around the age of 50, as a youngster, she took over almost all tasks of the tribal shaman. But, even though the humans within her didn’t understand this, she was just a young girl in a world moving to fast for her to truely understand. It didn’t help she was the only one who would ‘hear’ the storm. While all of the people would hide in their houses and hope for a fast passing, she’d sit outside, listening to the voices of the wind and enjoying the lightshow as the rain would fall upon her skin.

Needless to say, the Old Ones don’t offer blessings out of the kindness of their hart. At her 75th birthday-party, Parthenia saw all the faces of the people around her. Realising she would outlive anyone she cared for, she wished for peace, for a calmth and strength to get her through the pain that was sure to come. Within minutes a storm came to the village. Thunder and lightning playing a careless game with the buildings. As she sat outside, she heard the voice her god speaking: “I grant you the strength, and experience to overcome pain.” At the same moment lightning fell upon her own house, killing everyone inside and burning it down to a crisp. The only thing left was a silver amulet. “Now go, spread my word, be the storm. Your heart is free from the ties that chained it down”.

Parthenia Alkyone

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