Elizabeth Kalonice

Gunslinger - Pirate - Outgoing


At a first glance, the young gorgeous lady sitting at the table near the wall seemed very much out of place in the rowdy tavern near the docks. Boots made of the most delicate and supple leather rested squarely on the table, and pushing back, she reclined in her chair. A fine broad hat resting next to her boots on one side, a pint of beer on the other. Her long red hair fell in waves to frame a delicate, somewhat bronzed face, and continued over her shoulders. There was a soft smile on her full red lips and some subtle eyeshade had been applied to make her deep brown eyes stand out even more. Her clothing was of the finest cut, an artfully crafted black and red corset around her waist accentuated her ample bosom, which was covered by an equally soft silken blouse. Black suede pants embroided with gold and silver thread covered her slender legs and was held in place by a buckle depicting the symbol of Besmara. Her vest was thrown over the back of her chair and it matched her corset and pants in its delicacy and patterns, red and black with fine silver and golden highlights.
All in she looked like the typical romanticized version of a pirate queen, straight out of the stories. But a more perceptive observer would notice that the smile and make-up hid hardness to her look, and that while her clothing was fine, it was also practical and sturdy. And more importantly, the rapier and especially the pistol at her waist were very much real. No, Elizabeth Kalonice was not some dandy looking for some adventure.



Elizabeth Kalonice

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