Jens' Reign of Winter

Freiya's journal

This is Irisen

So we pressed on in search of the orrigins of this strange weather.
We were ambushed by some fey, and one of them even called help from a troll. This was a hard fight, but we were victorious.
We were eble to find the troll’s lair, a cave with enough comfort for us to stay for the night. And we found its hoard, which we now took for our own.

During her watch, Elisabeth heard fighting from outside, so in the morning we went to check. A few miles further we found the site of a battle, with one survivor who was dying. This was Baba Yaga’s black rider of all things. he asked us to perform a task, and showed us what would happen if we didn’t do it. In short, the world as we know it would end and be changed into a hell of eternal winter.

Our task: find Baba Yaga.
First order of business was to go through the portal queen Elvana had opened at that location and find a way to close it at its other end.

We found some people on their way to a location called the ‘Pale Tower’, to make an offering to one of the winter witches there. Their leader, Nadya’s daughter had been abducted. We informed her of our quest and she asked if we would look out for her daughter.

We had a meeting with another traveler, a fey creature, and in hindsight I suspect she’s an agent of Elvana.

We reached Nadya’s village and gathered in her cabin. There our druid’s true colours started showing. She started tormenting Nadya’s children, and when her magical guardian intervened she threatened to burn the building down. She’ll be trouble in the days ahead, I can see that now.
The guardian provided me with some intel on the Pale Tower, and how the teleporters in there work. He didn’t know how to reach the witch’s quarters, so we’ll have to look around for that.

We pressed on after that. I didn’t want to wayt for things to get worse.
The Pale Tower proved an impressive fortress. Nobody had a decent idea on how to get inside, or they simply weren’t paying attention, so I merely called out to the guards. No subtlety there, but hey brute force works too. I found out I can be a good team with Elizabeth when Alia and the rest are swinging away. I put them to sleep and she can take her time to put a bullet between their eyes.

Now were battling our way through the building. All went ok until the first teleporter. Apparently it’s a one person at the time thing. I went first. And I had expected for my guard to follow. Well, so much for that. She waited till the last person while I was up there. We’ll need to talk about that.



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