Jens' Reign of Winter

Freiya's Journal

The hut

The next morning I noticed Daji had a scar behind his left ear. i asked him what had happened, since I’d never noticed it before, but he didn’t know.
So I immediately suspected a scar hex, and hurried off to a temple to try a remove curse spell. Sure enough that worked.

I can’t be sure of it, but somehow I suspect that witch I met before. What I can’t figure out is why she did it. If she would be working with Elvana I don’t think I would be writing this at the moment.
In any case, I will make her pay for this somehow some day.

We met up with the captain of the Iron Guard. He should be able to help us get to the dancing hut. He immediately proposed to ally the guard with the rebels for a coordinated assault on key strategic points throughout the city. That should force the new guard to pull resorces from guareding the market square. I’m still not sure why he would ally himself with the rebels. I’d think those rebels don’t care which witch is ruling them. but then, it isn’t my problem either. The more idiots waving swords at other idiots with swords, the merrier at this point. That’s less idiots waving swords at me.

But ofcourse that was not everything. it’s never that easy. No, we were supposed to take out the new boss of the idiots. And that’s a dragon of all things. A white dragon. And he had is quarters in a clocktower, guarded by some ice trolls and a witch and something else.
He let slip he had something to do with Daji’s hex scar. He said something about ‘witches never doing anything for free’, and I agreed with him at that point making sure he understood i’d collect on that debt at some point in the future.

That tower took some time and effort. I had a blast controlling part of the battlefield with my hewes and a few spells. And in short order the first floor was cleared. We made it to the top and had some problems with the dragon. He covered the floor in a cloud of fog, and nobody could take care of that. We had to wait until the wind had moved it sufficiently. And in the mean time we had to weather his attacks.

With the dragon down, we were able to move on the dancing hut. Now as it turned out some fey creatures were claiming it and performing a ritual to pull it into their world. We had to take them out of the equation before we could move on the hut itself. it wasn’t a lot of trouble except for the fact that we were running low on resources. For example, our sorcerer hasn’t heard of conserving spells, or at least she doesn’t believe in it. And by this time she was reduced to picking her nose. But we managed.

Finally we were able to enter the hut, and we met one of its inhabitants. i don’t know what that creature is, and finding out is not high on my priority list at this point. It told us Elvana had left a surprise in one of the rooms. Now I was torn between resting up to regain spells (and risking enemies showing up), using the hut to travel (and risking arriving in hostile territory), and dealing with Elvana’s surprise (without much of resources). Our druid more or less forced my had there and we had to fight a bone golem. At least it worked.

My next move is to travel with the hut. i’m not risking Elvana to show up here while we’re out of resources.



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