Jens' Reign of Winter

Freiya's Journal.

The Pale Tower

We continued clearing the second floor of the Pale Tower, in search for the masters, the portal and the little girl.
We found the teleporters. We used the one to the greenery and had to fight a spellcaster and her swarm of ravens there. That went wrong. i was attacked by the swarm and didn’t manage to properly protect myself. Those rotten beasts went for my eyes and wounded me, effectively blinding me. And that took me completely out of the fight since I couldn’t target anything.

In any case, the rest managed to take out any and all opposition we encountered. We closed the portal. But we didn’t find the mistress, nor the little girl.

We ransacked the vault and took everything; including the cursed item which we managed to identify.

After this we headed for Whitethrone. nadya proposed to accompany us and help us find a way into the city. She has an uncle who runs some kind of smuggling operation. The man seems to know his business; he got us inside. And he arranged for forged documents.

I decided to fence all our loot; including the cursed ring. I chose not to tell anyone; what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them. With that money I managed to buy myself a corset of witchcraft among other things. I really like that garment.

While I was walking through the city Daji ran off towards another snowfox familiar. This forced me to talk to another witch, but luckily that went ok. She even shared some of her spells with me.



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