Jens' Reign of Winter

Freija's Journal
The White Dragon

We continued on to the white dragon’s lair. On our trek we met an Adleth shaman; a bipedal wolflike creature. She told us she was there because some vision had told her we would be there and help her recover an artefact her tribe needed.

I must say these creatures intrigue me and I intend to talk to them when we’re done here to see if one of them doesn’t want to join us.

She showed us a shortcut to the fortress. The way was still guarded however with all manner of monsters who’d made their lair in the crevice.

We found our guide’s tribemember, who was supposed to have the relic, frozen into a wall of ice, together with a bunch of other unlucky individuals. I didn’t trust this situation; it smelled of a trap. So I decided to take my time and dig myself a way through the ice. With my powers as winterwitch it’s a quite easy if lengthy process. And I was right. The was a roper hidden in this cavern and it went berserk trying to reach me. But the wall of ice was strong enough to keep it out.

We tackled the fortress proper in our usual manner: always try to go left in order to avoid getting lost.

We found a captive nereid who told us where we could find the dragon in exchange for us freeing her. That involves getting her shawl back and giving it back to her.

The way into its lair was guarded by all kinds of golems. So this was something of a nightmare with our group mostly consisting of spellcasters. At some points this involved using spells creatively and such; but we managed.

We beat the dragon. It was a nasty battle, but in the end we managed.

The nereid agreed to accompany us for the time being, and I managed to convince an adleth to do the same. Intriguing creatures.

And then we used the hut once more. I dreaded what we would find; and I wasn’t let down I’m sorry to say. This version of the hut is the worst of all so far. So many rooms, one even scarier than the next.

I’ve learned Elvana has been here recently and has convinced a son of Baba Yaga to side with her. Together they’re siphoning her power or something like that.

Freija's Journal
More weirdness

Well, apparently some things happened.
Descending that infernal pit without performing the ritual was a bad idea. But how were we supposed to know?
If Baba Yaga foresaw the need to be rescued in a foreseeable future, the least she could have done was leave some clues as to how to do that.
Anyway, I came to in a centaur hut after they cured me of some kind of howling lunacy. And I’d aged considerably. SO I spent coin on getting rid of that curse.

The next leap of the hut took as to another world! In this world the good dragons have been eradicated, and there’s a war raging between good and evil. The forces of good enlisted our aid in exchange for assistance in our quest. Their fortress was under siege, and we helped them break the siege. I devised a plan to lure the three besieging armies into action. I thought that better then let them have the initiative.

During this battle I encountered a disturbing problem. I don’t know if it’s the place, but enemies seem to be disturbingly resilient versus my powers. I found myself frustratingly useless during this battle. I have learned virtually no combat spells. I can’t cast that many spells a day anyway and instead opt to learn situational utility spells. In combat I mostly rely on controlling a battlefield with my hexes. Well, these last battles none of that worked. If this keeps up I’ll have to resort to casting blessing of fervor at the start of a combat and then run and hide.

We managed to break the siege and are now headed towards the evil army’s main staging area. That’s where we think we can find another key to make the hut jump.

Freija's Journal




Freiya's Journal
The hut

The next morning I noticed Daji had a scar behind his left ear. i asked him what had happened, since I’d never noticed it before, but he didn’t know.
So I immediately suspected a scar hex, and hurried off to a temple to try a remove curse spell. Sure enough that worked.

I can’t be sure of it, but somehow I suspect that witch I met before. What I can’t figure out is why she did it. If she would be working with Elvana I don’t think I would be writing this at the moment.
In any case, I will make her pay for this somehow some day.

We met up with the captain of the Iron Guard. He should be able to help us get to the dancing hut. He immediately proposed to ally the guard with the rebels for a coordinated assault on key strategic points throughout the city. That should force the new guard to pull resorces from guareding the market square. I’m still not sure why he would ally himself with the rebels. I’d think those rebels don’t care which witch is ruling them. but then, it isn’t my problem either. The more idiots waving swords at other idiots with swords, the merrier at this point. That’s less idiots waving swords at me.

But ofcourse that was not everything. it’s never that easy. No, we were supposed to take out the new boss of the idiots. And that’s a dragon of all things. A white dragon. And he had is quarters in a clocktower, guarded by some ice trolls and a witch and something else.
He let slip he had something to do with Daji’s hex scar. He said something about ‘witches never doing anything for free’, and I agreed with him at that point making sure he understood i’d collect on that debt at some point in the future.

That tower took some time and effort. I had a blast controlling part of the battlefield with my hewes and a few spells. And in short order the first floor was cleared. We made it to the top and had some problems with the dragon. He covered the floor in a cloud of fog, and nobody could take care of that. We had to wait until the wind had moved it sufficiently. And in the mean time we had to weather his attacks.

With the dragon down, we were able to move on the dancing hut. Now as it turned out some fey creatures were claiming it and performing a ritual to pull it into their world. We had to take them out of the equation before we could move on the hut itself. it wasn’t a lot of trouble except for the fact that we were running low on resources. For example, our sorcerer hasn’t heard of conserving spells, or at least she doesn’t believe in it. And by this time she was reduced to picking her nose. But we managed.

Finally we were able to enter the hut, and we met one of its inhabitants. i don’t know what that creature is, and finding out is not high on my priority list at this point. It told us Elvana had left a surprise in one of the rooms. Now I was torn between resting up to regain spells (and risking enemies showing up), using the hut to travel (and risking arriving in hostile territory), and dealing with Elvana’s surprise (without much of resources). Our druid more or less forced my had there and we had to fight a bone golem. At least it worked.

My next move is to travel with the hut. i’m not risking Elvana to show up here while we’re out of resources.

Freiya's Journal.
The Pale Tower

We continued clearing the second floor of the Pale Tower, in search for the masters, the portal and the little girl.
We found the teleporters. We used the one to the greenery and had to fight a spellcaster and her swarm of ravens there. That went wrong. i was attacked by the swarm and didn’t manage to properly protect myself. Those rotten beasts went for my eyes and wounded me, effectively blinding me. And that took me completely out of the fight since I couldn’t target anything.

In any case, the rest managed to take out any and all opposition we encountered. We closed the portal. But we didn’t find the mistress, nor the little girl.

We ransacked the vault and took everything; including the cursed item which we managed to identify.

After this we headed for Whitethrone. nadya proposed to accompany us and help us find a way into the city. She has an uncle who runs some kind of smuggling operation. The man seems to know his business; he got us inside. And he arranged for forged documents.

I decided to fence all our loot; including the cursed ring. I chose not to tell anyone; what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them. With that money I managed to buy myself a corset of witchcraft among other things. I really like that garment.

While I was walking through the city Daji ran off towards another snowfox familiar. This forced me to talk to another witch, but luckily that went ok. She even shared some of her spells with me.

Freiya's journal
This is Irisen

So we pressed on in search of the orrigins of this strange weather.
We were ambushed by some fey, and one of them even called help from a troll. This was a hard fight, but we were victorious.
We were eble to find the troll’s lair, a cave with enough comfort for us to stay for the night. And we found its hoard, which we now took for our own.

During her watch, Elisabeth heard fighting from outside, so in the morning we went to check. A few miles further we found the site of a battle, with one survivor who was dying. This was Baba Yaga’s black rider of all things. he asked us to perform a task, and showed us what would happen if we didn’t do it. In short, the world as we know it would end and be changed into a hell of eternal winter.

Our task: find Baba Yaga.
First order of business was to go through the portal queen Elvana had opened at that location and find a way to close it at its other end.

We found some people on their way to a location called the ‘Pale Tower’, to make an offering to one of the winter witches there. Their leader, Nadya’s daughter had been abducted. We informed her of our quest and she asked if we would look out for her daughter.

We had a meeting with another traveler, a fey creature, and in hindsight I suspect she’s an agent of Elvana.

We reached Nadya’s village and gathered in her cabin. There our druid’s true colours started showing. She started tormenting Nadya’s children, and when her magical guardian intervened she threatened to burn the building down. She’ll be trouble in the days ahead, I can see that now.
The guardian provided me with some intel on the Pale Tower, and how the teleporters in there work. He didn’t know how to reach the witch’s quarters, so we’ll have to look around for that.

We pressed on after that. I didn’t want to wayt for things to get worse.
The Pale Tower proved an impressive fortress. Nobody had a decent idea on how to get inside, or they simply weren’t paying attention, so I merely called out to the guards. No subtlety there, but hey brute force works too. I found out I can be a good team with Elizabeth when Alia and the rest are swinging away. I put them to sleep and she can take her time to put a bullet between their eyes.

Now were battling our way through the building. All went ok until the first teleporter. Apparently it’s a one person at the time thing. I went first. And I had expected for my guard to follow. Well, so much for that. She waited till the last person while I was up there. We’ll need to talk about that.

Freiya's Journal.
Unnatural weather.

It’s been a few weeks now since Elizabeth, Alia and I arrived in this town of Helgren.
We’re all set the move on, and I guess we event ried a few times, but something always seemt to come up.
I’m starting to believe Fate wants us to be here. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn what it is I need to do?

A village elder came looking for us and told us the mayor wanted a word.
Coming outside, I still couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s summer, and were far to the south. The last few weeks it’s been hot and humid. But now it was starting to resemble Irisen at the dead of winter!

The mayor had a twofold task for us.
1. find out what’s wronf with the weather
2. rescue a noble woman who’d been kidnapped in the woods
We three were not the only ones to be hired by the mayor. We were joined by a sorceress, and two very strange creatures, an undine druid (that’s an aquatic race, provoking all kinds of remarks about fsh), and a tengu ranger with a wolf of all things (insert various remarks about chicken and turkey here)

We talked to a surviving guard and deduced the kidnappers were a type of fey indigenous to the north; their touch freezes people.

We found the ambush site and followed tracks into the woods.

We had a few encounters with variouscold themed fey on our journey. This has to be connected to this strange weather, and I’m starting to wonder if someone somehow made a connection between this place and the home of these winter fey. The how or why of such a plan elude me at this point.

Our trek led us to a cabin in the woods, guarded by a great number of woodsmen. They turned on us and battle ensued. It took some serious fighting but we prevailed. On the top floor we found their boss, a human necromancer. This is where it all turned south on us. When the necromancer turned invisible only Elizabeth seemed to have the balls to enter his room. Alia wanted to, but as I had enlarged her I insisted she stay near the door blocking his exit. So, since none of the more martial oriented partymembers had any balls to do so, I entered the room intent on provoking a reaction from his part. This was a gamble since I was already bleeding from a previous hit. My ploy worked, and I lost consciousness there. But I came to some time later and found the necromancer on the floor in a heap.

In the basement we found a trapped fea creature. It didn’t want to say a lot, but we deduced this cecromancers was not the one calling all the shots. So we decided to press on after a night’s sleep.

Our next encounter was more sinister: a copy of one of the guardians of Irisen.; the walking huts. This hut didn’t move, but it had one of the animated dolls. That caused a load of trouble, and even controlled Alia. It became necessary to knock her out and fight the doll at the same time.


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